Did He Do It? The docu-series you need to watch right now!

Ok.. you guys should by now know how obsessed I am about true-crime-related things including but not limited to Podcasts, Books, Movies, and Documentaries. Well, God bless Netflix for releasing one of the best true crime documentaries I have ever watched in my entire life! The last time I binge-watched a series the way I just binged this one was Making of a Murderer back in 2014.

The Staircase is a very famous criminal case from 2001 in which a woman was found dead by her husband at the bottom of the stairs at their mansion in North Carolina, USA. This case was a high-profile one because the husband, who was accused of murdering his wife, is the well-known writer Michael Peterson.


This documentary was not the first time I heard of the case, it has been covered by almost all the true-crime podcasts I listen to, there is even a book written about it called The Perfect Husband. However, it was the first time it was told from the defendant perspective and OH MY GOD, how different things are!!!! Maybe that is the main reason why I watched the first eight 1+hr episodes (one after the other) on Friday night until 3.30am when my head felt like exploding and I just needed to give my eyes a rest from the heated laptop resting on my lap while my boyfriend snored the night away next to me.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, but trust me, you need to watch this show (if, and only if) you are into the following type of things: murder, bloody scenes, criminals, justice systems, trials and plot twists.. ohh this case has plenty of those. It’s crazy.. sometimes it feels like you are watching a fictional movie instead of a documentary.

If you have watched it, what do you believe? is he innocent or guilty? Let me know down in the comments!


Thanks for reading!



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