A guide to a 2-day road trip around Victoria, Australia

Long weekends are the perfect excuse to escape the monotony and explore the marvelous places that exist just a couple of hours away from your home. Places that are not crowded with tourists making it impossible to take a good selfie. Places that can only be described as little-hidden gems waiting to be found.

A few months ago, Ethan and I enjoyed a long weekend away from home. Our destination? A town called Inverloch, only 1.5 hours South-East of Melbourne. We stayed at a nice but affordable motel in town but spent the whole two days driving around.  If you are looking for nice places to visit around Melbourne, here are some options:

You start here!

Have lunch at Prom Country Cheese

Our first stop was for lunch at a cheese factory called Prom Country Cheese. They offer different options for lunch or tea, but if you decide to stop here, you should, without a doubt, go for the Ploughman’s platter. Yes! you will be eating your weight in delicious cheese but it will be completely worth it! – Trust me! 

Different Cheese Varieties for you to tryWho can say not to this?

You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while sitting in the outdoor area or head to the back and interact with the livestock from the farm. The little sheep are soooo cute, you wish you can take one of them home!

Welcome to Prom Country Cheese

Livestock at the cheese factory

A Little Walk at Agnes Falls

Well, after having such a big cheese feast, you can start burning it out at Agnes Falls. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area by Trip Advisor. It is the highest single span waterfall in Victoria (do you know what Single Span means? I don’t), a must-see place in the Gippsland area.

It’s only a short walk from the parking lot to the lookout where you can appreciate the incredible size of the waterfall. It also has a Picnic zone which makes it perfect for a place to spend a few hours just chilling, listening to the force of water falling down and looking at the vegetation around. Also, it counts with toilet facilities just in case the sound of water makes you want to pee.

Places to visit in Victoria

Places to Visit in Victoria

Drive through Toora Wind Farm

Ok, let me start by saying that we do not have wind farms in Colombia and if we do, they are very well hidden. The landscape while driving through these wind farms seems like taken out from a movie about aliens landing their tall, white and modern spaceships on the south-east of Australia. Just look at them…

Places to visit in Melbourne

…mmm… they do not look as impressive in that picture as they do in real life. Anyway, you get the point.  I really enjoyed driving through this zone, they make a very particular white noise that will be perfect for Ethan if we were sleeping close by (he needs white noise to sleep)

Places to visit in Victoria

Stay at Inverloch Central Motor Inn

Don’t get me wrong, I love staying at fancy places with astonishing views but, I’m also up for staying at budget ones and this motel was a very nice surprise.


Inverloch Central Motor Inn is located in the heart of Inverloch and it’s the perfect place to stay in if you are looking for somewhere just to spend a night or two. We booked the  Spa Room with Courtyard which has a queen bed, a spa bath with shower and a tiny-little outdoor area. The hotel has room service for breakfast which is nice and the best part is the price: around $100 per night (depends on the season).

Places to visit in Victoria

Have a drink or two at Dirty 3 Wines

If you are a wine aficionado, this is a must for you. These guys have a store near Inverloch’s center, just from outside, the place looks like a shelter, but the inside surprises you. It’s full of fairy lights, lots of bottle of wines, a big map of the region and perfect music. You can buy your wine or you can sit down and enjoy the music while sipping your drink.

Places to visit in Victoria

Places to Visit in Victoria

And not too far from here, like 20 steps from the front door, there is a hidden gem, a store called Nest. I wanted to buy everything! It’s an art gallery but also a place to spend your entire salary on homeware, decorations, and gifts.

Places to visit in Victoria

Day two was full of adventures and even more beautiful places.

A hike at Wilsons Promontory

This is a very famous national park full of options: you can camp, you can visit beaches and also you can hike. There are several hiking routines, from ones that will take you a couple of hours to a 2-full day circuit around the park. This time we did the hike up to Mount Oberon. It only took us 1.5 hours (I almost died in the process as I’m so unfit), it was so worth it!. The view from the top is breathtaking (also slightly scary as there is nothing to preventing you from falling off the cliffs).

Mt. Oberon Summit

Mt. Oberon Summit (beach view)

And finally, to close the weekend on a very high note, we visited Liptrap Lighthouse. Let me tell you something, if there is a place I love visiting, it must be lighthouses! They are sooo romantic, fun and beautiful! I wish we could go up to the top, but normally that’s not possible, or at least not in the ones we have visited in Australia. Let me tell you a secret: A lighthouse will be the perfect place for a proposal… (Ethan are you reading this? hahaha)

Anyway… this Liptrap Lighthouse is a must-see place as the view from it is amazing!

Liptrap Lighthouse 1

Liptrap Lighthouse 2

Liptrap Lighthouse 3

And that is how a perfect weekend ends! Next time you are looking for a place to visit, consider visiting this part of Victoria as it is full of things to explore!

What is your favourite place to visit? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!!!

ps. If you need more road-trip inspiration, check my latest youtube video about Daylesford, a town in the opposite direction also full of adventures!


2-day trip around Victoria


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