I thought you were gone!

Tuesday, 3rd of January 2017

It starts out of nowhere. Suddenly, my right arm feels funny and I am burping 10 times in a minute.  The culprit: The immortal Anxiety.

I’d been anxiety free for a long time. I felt a bit uneasy a couple of times but I do not call that anxiety, I call that “my brain wants to play”. However today is different. Since this morning I started to feel odd, I thought it was caused by being on holidays without a proper agenda, but as the day passed my burping got worse and I started to feel a knot in my chest.

For the last couple of hours, I’ve been trying to decipher the reasons behind my anxiety while trying to stop thinking about it and keep my mind busy doing something else (including watching 2 episodes of the first season of Laguna Beach.. random I know!). I’m not sure if it is one thing or a combination of everything that is happening right now that triggered it.

For one, I’m going on a road trip tomorrow (I’m the one driving), the place is not that far away from home, but as usual my mind turns into the dark side and imagines the craziest scenarios.

But what I think is happening is that my mind is having a late reaction to what I want to achieve in 2017. Because it involves disruption, multiple changes, breaking of habits and risk taking.

How do I deal with anxiety these days? Apparently by watching a 2000’s MTV show (lol). I usually turn to writing, filming or reading (the late being the least effective). Having to write down my thoughts or talk to the camera requires space in my mind that is being used by my little enemy Mr. Anxiety. So by doing any of these activities, the anxiety is sent to a little corner facing the walls until I cannot hear it any more. Hence this post!

If you suffer from anxiety, what are your tips to get rid of it? Let me know in the comments!

Good night!


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A Colombo-Australian woman living in Melbourne. I love books and pugs! You too? Let's be cyber-friends! I also have a YouTube channel in case you want to know more about me.

2 thoughts on “I thought you were gone!

  1. Distraction is best for me! I find driving so tough but it’s the only time I don’t have a panic attack because I am focusing on driving. I am sorry you are having anxiety at the moment, I really hope it passes soon. I used to get it really bad for years but when I finally faced it and fought it, it started to go. Best wishes! x



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