My 2017 resolutions!

Every year we encourage ourselves to write down some resolutions to be accomplished in the next 365 days. Most of us have the same resolutions year after year due to how difficult it becomes to keep them for more than 1 month.

Last year I only had one resolution and let me say that despite that I needed to focus on only 1 thing, I did not accomplished it. I lost my way somehow, lost motivation and gain tons of excuses.

This year I will write down my resolutions for 2017, so on the next 31st of December I can look back and check the results.

These are the things I want to accomplished in the next 367 days:

  1. Read at least 1 book a month.
  2. Volunteer at least once.
  3. Take a full day off social media once a month.
  4. Clean out my closet. Donate what I do not wear.
  5. Do  little acts of kindness every now and then.
  6. Keep a jar with all the good things that happen during the year.
  7. Go to local markets.
  8. Make breakfast a priority.
  9. Workout at least 3 times per week (any kind) and write it down.
  10. Have conversations with friends more often, specially friends from Colombia.
  11. Save money, even if it is a little bit every month (this is a hard one).
  12. Create at least 24 videos for my youtube channel (2 per month).
  13. Write at least once a month in my blog.
  14. Create a promo video for a business – we will see if I can do this one! =D
  15. I can to reach my goal weight before turning 30!

Lots of perseverance and motivation are going to be needed! But I have 365 opportunities to make it happen!

What is in your list?

Happy New Year!




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A Colombo-Australian woman living in Melbourne. I love books and pugs! You too? Let's be cyber-friends! I also have a YouTube channel in case you want to know more about me.

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